My Ex bestfriend ( intro)

This is a story about a teen girl and her little world which focuses on how friendships affect our life. Sometimes the impact of the tiny things teaches us a lot. And almost every individual has their own stories of friendships which they have experienced.

Hi, I’m Ani. I am a strong and mature girl but I wasn’t like that from the very start. I had a best friend her name was Hazel we met back in Kindergarten I was kind of a girl who always went out of my way to protect my best friend as I were so possessive of her. years went and now we are in high school.

Hazel is an elegant girl. Rather I chose to be a normal girl. A lot of boys were interested in her. But she had the worst taste ever in boys, and she always went for the guy who can take advantage of her polite nature.

There was a dolt boy Elvin he was okay looking and a bit rich whenever Elvin was near her, her cheeks went on red like a rose it was clear that she had a crush on him. One day, I was Sitting in the school canteen with a few classmates and Stella asked me to order lemonade.

I went to the counter and my surprise, I saw Hazel with Elvin. some days later I also saw them hanging out in the school. Slowly things begin to change.

She got into a relationship with him ;(

Uhh, it was the worst decision of hers. She told me about it after making this stupid decision.

I felt jealous and it was obvious. I spend years and years with her. Always recommended something best out of the options. I also didn’t want her to be with that foolish boy for a lifetime. I was overthinking because teenage relationships don’t last for long. And they will break up surely after 2 months or so .

Gradually she started hanging out more with him. All what mattered to me was our friendship. I never tried to make friends because why make so many friends when you got the one .

The scenario became unwanted for me as she started lying to me Huh! I accepted their relationship after all people have many other things apart from best friends in life still I had some hatred for their relationship.

Hazel told me that she will write some love letters to him. Like the real ones. At first, I laughed it out but the very next she brought one .

It continued for a week. Monday when we both were heading towards school she forgot that her diary on her study table .

She had a habit of journaling and she used to bring that diary to school. When we reached to our class she realised that she hasn’t brought today’s love letter .

I was laughing inside. But I showed that I felt bad for her. That day was similar to the other ones tedious and dull.

We were returning from school .

we were walking and talking about the same things And suddenly we saw her mother approaching us furiously.

Gosh! She was walking too fast. I never saw her like this. She got closer and ceased us. She held her hand tightly that the bracelet I gave her got smashed and its beads dropped and the thread got separated from it .

I felt bad. She went away with her mother

I reached home and was continuously thinking about that situation and her.
Her parents were strict and she was not allowed to make a boyfriend, go to parties etc and was never appreciated for her good performance in school.

She wasn’t even close to her family, I was the only one she felt was by her side.

Guys this wasn’t the end as I mentioned above this is a sort of story series. And this was Part 1. I wanted to keep it short as this part 1. But to know the ending you have to stay connected .

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April month review

Hola Gente, This blog is going to be interactive not tips and tricks but something I wanted to share with you guys. I hope you would find something informative in it .

So my april month gradually started from the date 4/04/2022 the date when my new academic year also started . I would say that the actual hustle began, as from the last two years I was having an online begining of the academic year so I was kinda serious this time for studies since it is also the last year of my schooling 🙂

The first three months of 2022 , I didn’t do anything significant . So I would say offline school did push me to focus on myself .


Started streching exercises

A daily Schedule

tracked my study hours

tracked the time I spent on social media

My screen timing was quite alot though 😝 but I have just shown these 2hours data but yeah you can see the graph and conclude that my screen timing is too much .

I created a morning routine for my self which was pretty good !

Ok so I wasn’t that regular but I’m glad that I have made a slow progress .

limitations I noticed

The very first limitation I noticed that I was not doing anything on weekends or on the days when school was off. Reason I would give for this is that I did not plan what to do on the weekend and I slept in the morning for looong .

Not tracking my habits.

Things I liked this month

Reglar show [ A cartoon on Cartoon network , very intresting and probably not for the kids under 10 because think they won’t understand it clearly , I might be wrong also]

Morning tea [ Usually I drank green tea and the other time it was tea bags of tulsi ,ashwagandha (Indian ginseng or winter cherry), lemon , ginger flavours ] I would like to try making tea in a more authentic way like putting tulsi ( holy basil) directly into the pot with some other ingredients and boiling it .

I shall say that this month was modrately in balance in a view of the fact that I was hanging out with my friends, studying and doing other things which mattered too.

Something which made me miserable this month , I was insecure and doubted that I would be left behind. But I’m learning that everyone grows at their own pace . And you should be happy about your progress ( it’s doesn’t matters how fast / slow it is ) . Yeah talking about insecurities , I don’t know , how to deal with it however I will be humble to myself . Because that’s how I’m made and my facial features , my body etc etc does not defines my beauty and me as a person.

Things I want to try/ do this month

Following a skincare routine which has double cleansing and gua sha

Making a Habit tracker

Practicing self care

Studying more because in may I will be having unit tests

Get regular on wordpress

Study dates , Journaling , be more organized

Thanks for reading!


Tips for teens in school

Hola Gente

Many of you know that we are in highschool here are somethings we wanted to share !

S: So here in Delhi ( India ) schools have reopened and we are attended offline school . But there is something stressing me about school , maybe it is a social awkwardness and also the fact that I’m so bored of seeing the same old people in the school

I think I’m not socially awkward infact I love to make new friends and greet people . It’s just a fact that I want to meet new people and I know it’s just about 1 year and yeah I’m kinda having fun at school.

Don’t Care

One of the main reasons you maybe hating school or school sometimes acting intimidating is that you care about people , I’m gradually stopping to think about what my teachers my classmates think of me 💁 It is so much relaxing to literally don’t give heck off .

It’s okay to look bad :- In this point we gonna focus on the students who have uniform in their school. When I come back from school and see my dark circles it just makes me feel so bad . But I have realised that in school you are supposed to look in that way . And dear teenagers it’s a perk to look not so beautiful in school because then you will be knowing that people aren’t coming to you just because you look pretty.

Ok it may have sounded dumb you still wanna look good ! Ask yourself why ? And if the answer is to please others . Then you better not waste your time start studying.

There maybe times when you will be insecure. To divert your mind think about a glow up you will have after you will leave the school.

Not finding the right group of people

All of us are unique and we’re drawn to equally unique people with similar interests. Not being able to fit in with a group doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with us-it just means we need people who match our qualities and help us become better versions of ourselves.

But how do we do that? By slowly accepting ourselves for who we are and getting comfortable in our skin.

Do they even like you ?

To be liked by others, it’s important that we like ourselves first. Although self-love can’t be achieved in a day, especially when we’ve spent so long being disconnected from who we are, but we can always start where we are. It’s never too late to show yourself some love!

I have a crush on her/him

This all just xD 😹 so funny , and yeah it’s pretty natural to have a crush on that boy / girl but don’t hurt yourself by making too much efforts or trying to hard ! I guess you guys got what I meant , I really loved this line said by Michelle Obama .

Guys we are not ending this here we will update this post because there is a lot to say !


Don’t let your new year’s diet ruin your mood

Feel good foods

If you started the year with a health kick, you may have noticed you’ve been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. Explains nutritionist Lily Soutter, “Our relationship with food is complex. It’s not just about satisfying physi cal hunger. Food can stimulate the release of feel good chemicals. It’s why so many of us

Explains nutritionist Lily Soutter, “Our relationship with food is complex. It’s not just about satisfying physical hunger. Food can stimulate the release of feel good chemicals. It’s why so many of us use food to help alleviate stress and difficult emotions. Luckily, a few clever tweaks can help alleviate tension and balance your moods.”

Be clever about carbs

“Carbohydrates play a key role in transporting the amino acid tryptophan to the brain, where it is then converted into serotonin aka the happy hormone,”

“Our brain uses as much as 20% of all energy required by the body, so we need a steady supply of sugar for concentration, memory and mood. So, make sure you are still getting enough starchy carbohydrates to power your brain, such as oats and brown rice, lentils and quinoa.”


“If you are experiencing that ‘hangry’ feeling (that’s hungry and angry), new research suggests that high glycemic load (GL) diet may be the cause.

The GL of a food indicates how quickly it will raise blood sugar levels. A blood sugar high can result in a subsequent low in both mood and energy or more hunger,”

Combine healthy fats like avocado and protein with your carbohydrates like toast or granola with yogurt.

Stop skipping breakfast

“Skipping meals can cause our blood sugar levels to drop, which triggers the stress response within the body and can result in irritability anxiety, fatigue and even tear fulness,”

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can cause migrane, weight gain, can trigger hair loss and also affects the metabolism.

Start the day with a breakfast that provides a source of protein and fibre to help you stay satiated through the day like porridge, natural yogurt with fresh fruit and seeds, or wholegrain toast with eggs.

Discovering Yourself

Who are you ?

I’m not asking about your name, age or gender, but have you ever asked yourself ‘Who are You?’

Or have you ever asked yourself ‘What’s my purpose in life?’ In this blog we’ll be discussing about one side of Discovering Yourself i.e. finding your true inner self and discovering your passion..what you genuinely want to do.

Q-Why I said one side of Discovering Yourself ? A-Because I think that definition for discovering yourself can be different for different people. One can be in a spiritual way and on the other hand one can be about finding your interests, hobby you like doing, strengths, weaknesses and much more!

So now ask yourself what’s your passion? What’s that one thing that you can do lifetime?

People find their passion at different points of their life. Whether in the early stages of their lives or in the later stages, it really doesn’t matter at what age you start finding yourself. Everyone has their own path ✨

You all know KFC (Kentucky fried chicken)right? The founder of KFC , Colonel Sanders started his dream at the age of 65. He said “Just because you took longer than others, doesn’t mean you failed. I started KFC at 65” Therefore you should realize that its NEVER too late to find your own path!

The very first step is you should be making time for yourself everyday (no phone, no music and no other distraction, only you) and treating yourself the way you treat your loved ones which means Self Love. If you want to know more about self love, we have another blog for it. Do check it out –


The path of Discovering Yourself should totally depend on you! Yes, you can get inspired from others , you can practice some of their teachings but don’t get attached. You are an individual and you have your own experiences and your own way of living your life. Are you living on your own terms or you are doing what others are telling you..do this or that?

Look, the thing is very simple you have to be you! “You have it already, you just can’t feel it because your mind is making too much noise” ~ ECKHART TOLLE

Take things slow and enjoy each and every thing around you . Be mindful:)


1. ALLOW YOURSELF TO EXPLORE- Find out new things that you find interesting, search across the Google, Instagram or any other platform and discover different hobbies and interests.

2. REACH OUT TO PEOPLE- Ask people around you about their interests, if they are not enough connect through social media and find new friends this will also help you finding interesting things for yourself.

3. After making a list of your interests try out each and every thing and you’ll get to know what works for you!

And at last we wanna say that ‘Trust your intuition’ . There are a lot of things you have to discover in life. Love yourself and the people around you 😉